Using the Client InteractivelyΒΆ

Once you installed the client and have Marionette running, you can fire up your favourite interactive python environment and start playing with Marionette. Let’s use a typical python shell:


First, import Marionette:

from marionette_driver.marionette import Marionette

Now create the client for this session. Assuming you’re using the default port on a Marionette instance running locally:

client = Marionette(host='localhost', port=2828)

This will return some id representing your session id. Now that you’ve established a connection, let’s start doing interesting things:

client.execute_script("alert('o hai there!');")

You should now see this alert pop up! How exciting! Okay, let’s do something practical. Close the dialog and try this:


Now you’re at! You can even verify it using the following:


You can even find an element and click on it. Let’s say you want to get the first link:

from marionette_driver import By
first_link = client.find_element(By.TAG_NAME, "a")

first_link now holds a reference to the first link on the page. You can click it: